The Arizona Buzzsaw Butchery

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

You wake up in a large wooden room. You see different types of machinery, none of which you recognize, but all of which looks old. You are lying on a thick log. Your arms are over your head, tied to the log at elbows and wrists. There are ropes above and below your breasts, around your waist, over your thighs, around your knees, and around your ankles. You pull at the rope, but it is too tight. You quickly realize you can't budge it.

"Where am I?" you say. "What is this? What are you going to do to me?"

Suddenly, Walt is standing next to you. You shriek in alarm as he speaks.

"Did you ever see Arizona Buzzsaw Butchery?"

"Yes," you say, remembering a movie about a slasher who tied girls to logs and killed them with a buzzsaw in a sawmill. You don't like the sound of this.

"Remember the opening scene? The kidnapped waitress?"


"Remember what happened to her?"

You nod. "She was tied to a log in a sawmill and -- Oh, my God, no! Please! You can't really be planning to saw me in half!"

Walt grins. "But of course I am. I did tell you I like to recreate horror movie death scenes. This is one of my favorites."

You instinctively start to struggle with your bonds, even though you have already realized it will do you no good. "No! Please! No!"

Walt ignores your screams and your futile struggles. "Look up," he says, "toward your feet."

You remember the scene in the movie, and you are certain you know what you will see. You are correct. Your feet are about six inches apart, tied in such a way that you cannot move them, and a large saw blade is sitting at the end of the conveyor, ready to saw the log you are tied to, and you, into two pieces. You scream as you realize that the first part of your body the blade will cut is your pussy.

"This is an old sawmill," Walt says, "and kind of slow. It should take about thirty minutes for the blade to reach your crotch, and maybe five minutes to saw you in half. I have no idea how long you'll live, but every girl who's ever been here has lasted at least until the blade reached her waist."

"Noo!" you scream.

"And that was your last word," Walt says, pressing a piece of tape over your mouth and making sure it is tight. "I think that was also the last thing the waitress in the movie said."

Without another word, Walt walks over to a control panel. There are two levers, and several switches and dials. Walt pulls one of the levers.

You scream again as the saw blade starts to spin, with a high-pitched whirring sound. As you watch, Walt pulls the second lever.

When he does so, the conveyor belt starts to move, moving the log you are tied to closer to the saw blade.

It seems like an eternity before the blade reaches the log. It bites into the wood with a buzzing sound, causing the log to lurch. Then the blade speeds up as the teeth start doing their job.

You are watching the blade come closer by now, watching as it slowly travels closer and closer to your crotch.

The end of the log is about ten feet from your bound feet, you estimate. You watch as the blade covers that distance. Ten feet. Eight. Five. Three. Two.

One foot.

Nine inches.





Then the blade starts to slice your body. You feel absolutely excruciating pain. You see a pink mist surrounding the blade: your blood, drifting away from you. The blade is sharp, and the cuts are clean. Despite that, you think you can feel the blade as it slices your pussy apart, then your intestines.

You don't die until the blade reaches your belly button and slices your expensive belly button piercing in two. By this time, the pain is unbearable. When you finally expire, it is almost a relief, as the agony is over.

Walt lets the blade continue to run until it has cut the board, and you, completely in half before he stops it.


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