"Look at how many tentacles can fit inside me at once!"

From Create Your Own Story

The captain seems startled by that outburst. You grin as you grab a tentacle and guide it in between your legs. The meaty, muscular tentacle fills your pussy and the way it wriggles about inside you has you seeing stars. But you don't stop just because you're on the verge of cumming.

You grab a second tentacle and push it against your ass. You spread your butt cheeks and let the tentacle penetrate your anus. You groan loudly, thrilled at the feel of being filled both front and rear at once.

"Damn!" the captain says.

Then you take a third tentacle and slide it between your lips. You moan, but it's muffled by the tentacle writhing against your tongue. Then the tentacles in your twat and your ass make you cum. You shake and shudder, making the tank vibrate as you orgasm.

"Okay, you've proven your point," the captain says. "You're too much of a sex freak even for a shipload of pirates! Let me take you out of there and I'll have one o' me men take you in a rowboat back to the beach my pet swiped you from."

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Captain Dante's Cabin

MP 0
Level 1
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