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Victims of an alien plague unleashed in Fort Mayhem by MDM. Mayhem's version of the Flood.

The Agent

The Agent is the name given to the alien plague that creates the Phages. It crashed on Mayhem via a small escape pod. The Agent has an incubation time of 15 minutes.

At first, the victim will feel no ill effects. This is because the Agent is busy overrunning the body's immune system and corrupting the vital organs.

15 minutes after coming into contact with the Agent, the victim will begin to spasm violently as the virus begins to reshape his or her physical structure. The host's skin will turn grey and one of its arms will reform into a large single talon.

In addition to that, they have unusually pronounced canine teeth (think vampire-like). They have tripartite tongues, their eyes are reddish-orange, the fingernails on the hand on the arm that hasn't been turned into a talon have become claws, as well as the toenails. Otherwise, they still look relatively human. Oh, and they also have bony protrusions on their back.

The host's consciousness is forced to watch as the Agent overruns its nervous system.

Modus Operandi

Phages will invariably seek cover when they are alone. To spread the Agent, a Phage must bite a victim.

Phages are abnormally strong, and extreme caution must be taken when they are encountered in large numbers.

They have a strong preference towards dogs as food material. An absence of canines in the neighborhood is a strong indicator of Phages.

Approach with caution. It is recommended that protective armor be worn. Recommended armor is the M27 Assault Powersuit or the X-42 Variant-Alpha Powered Assault System.

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