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Name: Regina

CodeName: FrozenHeart

Gender: Female

Age: 19

DNA Mix: 50% polar bear / 50% human

Personality: A little on the lazy side, Regina is normally vary laid back and outgoing. She enjoys eating sushi and swimming. However, when she has a job to do she becomes very professional and very stubborn, never resting until the job is completed. She is very kind and affectionate, but you wouldn't want to make her angry.

Apperance (Human): She has dark skin and very light, silver hair (think Storm from X-men) About 5 1/2 feet, 135 lbs. She has peircing blue eyes. She's cute and curvy! She has two extra long strands of hair on her forhead(antenae) that she keeps tucked behind her ears. Misc fact: all polar bears are left handed.

Appearnace: (Mixed): About 6 feet tall, a fur covered, clawed humanoid.

Backround: Trained to always follow orders unquestioningly, Regina does just that. She's killed a number of people, never really thinking about her actions or wondering why. She always looked up to the scientists in charge of watching her and never even thought to wonder if what they were doing was right or wrong.

Abilities when transformed: has razor sharp super strong claws, and super cuddly bear powers!

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