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Loztein is the Mayhemer formally known as Renkore.

He's attempted to host quite a number of RPs but until his latest one all have failed.




Effect on The War

The First Kraggi War

Loztein, back when Renkore helped shape the theme and Events for the First Kraggi War and establish many events which would take place Later with his Characters: Ilkanaroi, sub Characters, and most importantly: Ith Garne.

Interactions with Mayhemers

Good Ones

  • Has known and helped Paradox244 out for quite awhile, and is happy he's returned.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Lohti.
  • Has helped The Goliath out a bit and Get in ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkE's latest RP(which, BTW, you need to post in, Loz).
  • Brylian Troy and Loztein have known each other since Loztein was called Renkore and they get along well, mainly due to Loztein's participation in the First Kraggi War as Ith Garne, though his character Ilkanaroi was often forgotten, primarily due to the nature of his plans versus Ith's, Ilks being all secretive while Ith's were always out in the open.
  • Pixelnator named Loztein's real evil alternate personality, Acerbus Ipsemet, which Loztein graciously accepted for a befitting name.

Bad Ones

  • Still has residual anger at Cameo, don't worry though, even he knows he's the bad guy there... In other news though: He still reads her RPs.

There's probably more, but he keeps forgetting their names.

Other Ones

  • Used to give Lomgren a run for his money in keeping the last post back in the day, though no longer. (Some believe this is because of his fear of his own ramblings, read Other for more on that.)

In General

Loztein doesn't trust anybody, including his best of fellows on the Mayhem thread, sad but true.


  • Lives in Alaska.
  • Is a naturally Evil person trying to do Good, who's been rather successful thus far.
  • Does go Berserk and will have one big moment of this at least once a year. It's also how he and Cameo wound up on such bad terms.
  • Is a Daemonologist by habit. (The Good kind, -ologist for studier, he doesn't summon them or anything. Though he often finds scientific ways to explain the supernatural, like with Vampirism, just ask him about it and you'll get...)
  • Ramblings, the kinds of ramblings that all Mayhemers fear for their capability of starting flame wars, they are often religious and Scientific at the same time. AKA: Why he rarely ever says what he actually thinks anymore and just will avoid something completely or drop a quick comment by every now and then.
  • Has a Second Personality: Acerbus Ipsemet, which was named by Mayhemer: Pixelnator on Thursday, January 18th, 2007, at 4:35 am.
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