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Sykk Ray
Ring names

Sykk Ray

Height 5'8
Weight 155 lbs.
Born August 16, 1993 (age 17)
Merced, California
Billed from The 209 (as Sykk Ray)
Resides Merced, CA
Debut 2003

He is involved with the California-based federation, KHW 209 (Krazy Hardkore Wrestling 209) in which he co-founded and debuted in since 2003 and was a former multiple time KHW Champion and Junkyard Champion.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In 2003, Sykk Ray co-founded KHW 209 which he continued to wrestle in .

Since the beginning of KHW, Sykk Ray has been the top baby face in KHW defeating all heels wrestlers.

Krazy Hardkore Wrestling(2006-present)


In wrestling

Sykk Ray performing a Military press to L.A. Ratt .

As Sykk Ray

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Sykk Driver (Kneeling Unprettier), sometimes flying
    • Sykk Rayzors edge thru a board or table )
    • Obaminator (Modified Fisherman Buster )
    • Ray Stretch (Spinning toe hold with argentine leglock roll into far arm stretch)
    • Reverse Suplex to Stunner
    • Double underhook lift to side voodoo slam
    • Compton Bomb(Suplex to Rydeen Bomb)
    • Tombstone piledriver
    • Ray K O (TKO)
    • Flying Frog Splash

Championships and accomplishments

  • 2 time KHW champion (as Sykk Ray)
    • 1 time KHW Junkyard Championship (as Sykk Ray)
    • KHW Junkyard Champion (as Sykk Ray)

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