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Super Nebula
Ring names

Super Nebula

Height 5'2
Weight 128 lbs.
Born 1993 (age 16)
Merced, California
Billed from Under The Overpass on Highway 99 (as Super Nebula)
Resides Merced, CA
Debut 2006

Super Nebula is involved with the California-based federation, KHW 209 (Krazy Hardkore Wrestling 209) , in which he is Co KHW Champion and Intergalactic Champion.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Krazy Hardkore Wrestling(2006-present)

Joe debuted in KHW 209 and stayed since 2006. as a jobber under former Gimmicks including Slim Joe. Slim Joe in 2006 changed gimmicks into the masked Super Nebula, which at first was a jobber, quickly was able to Win the Intergalactic Title from Alyenz.

Super Nebula then got a huge push in KHW, winning the first Champion of Champions tournament, guaranteeing him a main event spot in Backyardmania 3, defeating KHW Champion in a non title match. Since then Super Nebula was able to cement a foothole in most main events of KHW. Super Nebula then won the KHW Champion at Combat Shock, and has held it since.


In wrestling

Super Nebula performing a Corkscrew Shooting Nebula press to Super KHW .

As Super Nebula

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Shooting Nebula (Flying crossbody splash to opponent laying on a board ), sometimes a corkscrew splash
    • Nebula Cutter (Twist of Fate to Stunner )
    • Wake Up (Go to Sleep )
    • Down Syndrome (Fence run Shiranui)
    • Chiropractor (Modified Back slide into train wreck)
    • Flying Double Stomp
    • Milky Way( Playmaker)
    • Backslide Driver
    • Corkscrew Senton
    • Flying DDT

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1 time KHW champion (as Super Nebula)
    • 1 time KHW Junkyard Championship (as Super Nebula)
    • KHW Intergalactic Champion (as Super Nebula)

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